Méthode 4: Scanner le programme malveillant pour corriger l'erreur d3d12.


GPU looks well. .

7 is not running in only 2 CPU cores now.

Ultra yields just under 30fps (becomes limited by GPU).

is where I would. I also receive the "Limited by Main Thread" notification - on average, the sim is now using about 16% of my CPU. If I run other new games (COD, Mafia.


Windows 11 MSFS limited by main thread- Intel 12th Gen. You may have heard of something called "multi threading" where an application is broken into multiple "threads" and each one can execute on it's own time. hello I am getting low FPS ( 30 - 35 ) on ground with PMDG 737, New York, settings on ultra, I tried the settings at low, FPS went a bit up but still nothing great.

Appreciate not having to restart the sim to apply graphics changes. is where I would.

After I finally set it up and started it, Windows downloaded like half a dozen updates.

Example where thread no.

. I have a 3080 and also tried a 2070.

is where I would. .

- The system memory usage is not more than 70% (I have 24 GB RAM) and the video memory usage doesnt exceed 6 Gb.
Example where thread no.
It will also tell you what youre limited by.

You may have 16 cores / 32 threads but if one of them is pegged to 100% occupation, the game will slow down to the speed of that thread.


This is happening just before loading is complete and in game. AVSIM is staffed completely by volunteers and all funds donated to AVSIM go directly back to supporting the community. 9 pour une frame de 35.

. DX11 is limited to a main render thread, with a few secondary threads handling other tasks. . And the dev-mode display says. .


. .

still looking for a solution.


Multithreading is designed to improve performance by performing work using one or more threads at the same time.

MSFS isn't really multithreaded like that, it's primarily a single "thread" that does most of the work.